Wills & Estates

Your Will is an extremely important document that must be carefully drafted and stored in a secure location. A badly written or damaged Will may be contested after you have passed away, and your estate may not be distributed as you had hoped.We can draft your Will based on your instructions and provide advice…

Useful Links

Whether you have engaged us already or aren’t sure whether you actually need a Solicitor, we highly recommend you have a look through the linked sites to gather information about the legal process and organisations which are available to help you with other aspects of your matter.


Conveyancing is the legal process of buying or selling property. Our staff at Steindl Bradley & Associates have been providing conveyancing services in the local area and surrounds for more than 30 years. Whether you are a first home buyer, buying another principle place of residence or investor…

Family Law

We provide advice and representation in all areas of family law, including: separation and divorce; property settlements; parenting arrangements; child support; and cohabitation agreements. Most family law matters can be resolved by agreement however when this is not possible…

About Us

At Steindl Bradley & Associates, our knowledge and expertise in the areas of conveyancing, family law, wills and estates assists our clients to achieve the best possible outcome in their legal matters. We are a family-run, local firm which has been operating for over 30 years in the Logan and Brisbane areas and we understand the importance of providing our clients with advice and guidance.

Whether our clients are buying or selling property, going through a separation or dealing with the death of a loved one, we are committed to resolving our clients’ matters promptly, cost-effectively and where possible, without litigation. If you are presently purchasing or selling a property, involved in a legal dispute, or are concerned about your legal situation, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly, experienced team a call to discuss your matter and find out how we can assist you.